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2019-10-14 21:38

Honda Financial Services SM (HFS) wants to celebrate your first year after school with the College Grad Program. Qualified upcoming and recent college grads can save 500 on any 2017 or newer Honda vehicle when they finance or lease with HFS. [1.Getting the degree was undoubtedly expensive, so to assist recent graduates as they ease onto a new road, many manufacturers offer special incentives such as cash rebates, low down payments, and flexible leasing and financing offers that may include relaxed credit requirements, discounted percentage rates, no requirements for a co car deals for college graduates

9 Smart Buys for College Grads Saddled with student loans, small salaries, and short credit histories, many recent college graduates must add one more financial pressure to the list: a car. Its true that more millennials are foregoing car purchases in favor of Uber or Lyft, but many of them still require their own set of wheels to get to and from work.

Car Discounts for College Students and Grads. School is expensive, and moneys tight for a lot of college students and recent college graduates. One of the most important lessons a student can learn is how to manage money, and its always wise to keep an eye out for discounts. If you're a college grad looking for a new car to make the journey with into your new life, chances are good that there's a deal you'll like on a car you'll love. Just be sure to do your research in deals for college graduates Nissan recently created one of the biggest sponsorship deals of collegiate athletics ever, with more than 100 schools taking part. Students at any one of those universities are eligible to receive a 1000 discount on a new Nissan LEAF through the College LEAF Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP).

Free Car deals for college graduates

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